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Are you passionate about coding? When I say passionate, I mean that you fill your calendar with meet-up group meetings, your laptop is covered with stickers from events you have attended, and hackathons are your favorite past-time. If this is you, please read on...
We are seeking an Engineering Training Manager to establish our Engineering Bootcamp Program.This person will work with our team of Architects and Software Engineers to develop a training and mentorship program for incoming developers.You will lead discussions, guide inquiry, pair program with students, emphasize the core concepts of software engineering, support students in their projects and challenges, and provide feedback to students and each other.
Some of the accountabilities include:
o Guiding students through the educational activities and challenges of the program.
o Communicating articulately (with clarity, fluency, and precision) in the subject matter at hand.
o Assessing students' proficiencies and providing them with precise, accurate, and actionable feedback.
o Continuously improving own skills as a teacher and programmer through self-study and by effectively soliciting, receiving, and integrating feedback from a variety of sources.
o Leading by example through the demonstration of commitment to the mission and values of WeddingWire and acting as a "cultural steward" for the students.
o 5+ years - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist